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Becoming Fully Alive

Friday, August 9, 6:00pm - Sunday, August 11, 11:00am

Becoming Fully Alive

When we discover and follow the purpose of our life, we are filled with vitality and are able to follow our dreams. When we lose contact with our purpose, our special way of giving and receiving love, we suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually. The fear that our life lacks meaning is the basis of depression, despair, stress, disease and difficulty in making decisions. Yet, the truth is that every one of us has a unique purpose. Even the most profound hurts ultimately cannot keep us from fulfilling it.

In this retreat we will explore the special and unique reason for our existence, and open ourselves to receive healing for the hurts that seem to block us from carrying it out. The retreat will include simple processes for healing that participants can take home and share with family and friends. Cost includes room and all meals.

To register by cash or check, please call Barbara Leggott at (440) 884-9300


Fr. Matt Linn, SJ