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A Retreat on Dreams

"Do Dreams have a Religious Meaning?" and "Working with Dreams"

Friday, January 17, 6:30pm - Saturday, January 18, 4:00pm

A Retreat on Dreams

This is a 2-day, overnight retreat with Sr. Janice Bachman, O.P., a spiritual director and Jungian Analyst

Day 1 (Friday, January 17, 6:30 - 8:30 pm): Do Dreams have a Religious Meaning?

Dreams can be a significant component in discerning spiritual growth. In fact, Jung distinguishes his approach to dreams from all other schools of depth psychology by linking them to spirituality. Dreams act, he says, as a guide and as “organs of information” that call us back to our proper way. But do dreams have a religious meaning?

This evening session will explore the importance of dreams as a potential source of revelation and the role of the dream in bringing into consciousness what we need to know to live more holistic lives.

Day 2: (Saturday, January 18, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm): Working with Dreams

Working with our own dreams can be a very helpful way to assess how God’s Spirit is at work in the life of the dreamer. Dreams are unique gifts given to each of us. Dreams connect us to a source of wisdom beyond the ego and can heal and guide us on our journey to become more whole persons.

In this day long workshop we will explore the significance of dreams in discerning spiritual growth. Participants will become familiar with the classical elements of Jungian dream work and this content will be situated within the larger psychology of dreaming. Contemporary methods for discerning the religious meaning of one’s dreams will be introduced. Through lecture, conversation and discussion, the group will work with a dream from scripture to demonstrate how we might work with our own dreams. There will also be an opportunity to work with dreams volunteered by participants as well as specific approaches to working with dreams in the context of spiritual direction.

Janice Bachman, O.P., a Dominican Sister of Peace from Columbus, OH, is a spiritual director and Jungian Analyst. A key area of interest for her is the convergence of analytical psychology and spirituality, and how the two disciplines and their symbols inform the process of analysis, spiritual development and becoming more whole persons. For the past 22+ years Janice has been involved in the training of spiritual directors and has offered a variety of workshops and retreats. Janice has been on the summer faculty of Creighton University’s Graduate Program in Christian Spirituality since 1997. She holds a master’s degree from Creighton University and a diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, Toronto, and an MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati.


Sr. Janice Bachman, O.P.



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