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HomeCalendarExploring Mindfulness | January 17, 2020

Exploring Mindfulness

A Pathway to Prayer and Kindness

Friday, January 17, 6:00pm - Saturday, January 18, 3:00pm

Exploring Mindfulness

Living well takes an attentive heart and a courageous spirit.

This day of reflection will offer an opportunity to renew our commitment to living in the moment, to living mindfully so that our prayer and action become a single response of love to God and to one another.

We will explore the meaning of mindfulness and practice mindful awareness. As we deepen our understanding of prayer, we'll also incorporate prayer practice into our experience. Finally, we'll look at kindness to ourselves and to other as a fruit of mindfulness and prayer.

Sr. Kate Hine is a Sister of Notre Dame. As an educator and spiritual director, she facilitates retreats and workshops and has worked with young adults in retreat settings and in volunteer service programs.

John Ropar is a counselor in private practice, a certified spiritual director, and has done numerous programs on mindfulness in the community.


Sr. Kate Hine, SND

John Ropar