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HomeCalendarShared Graces Retreat - In-Person or Virtual | May 02, 2021

Shared Graces Retreat - In-Person or Virtual

Rooted in the Graces of the Spiritual Exercises

Sunday, May 2, 2:00pm - Friday, May 7, 1:00pm

Shared Graces Retreat - In-Person or Virtual

The Shared Graces Retreat focuses on the graces of gratitude, healing, call, and co-laboring. The retreat format combines presentation, spiritual conversation/direction, silent prayer and reflection, and group faith sharing.

The Graces

Gratitude - to understand and rejoice gratefully in who we are – and who we are called to become – by God’s gracious and loving desire and design. Only when we have experienced deep gratitude to God for our very lives and so much more can we then experience deep remorse for our refusal on occasion to say thanks and to live that way. Ingratitude is the heart of sin. So, Gratitude unfolds into Healing.

Healing - grateful joy in the realization of God’s unfailingly, stead- fast and forgiving love, and revealed in Christ crucified, before whom Ignatius asks, “What have I done? What am I doing? What shall I do?” Then, when we feel joy and gratitude for God’s healing and forgiveness, we feel moved to share this Good News of loving reconciliation and unity with others. So, Healing unfolds into Call.

Call - the enthusiastic desire and determination to join God and Christ in overcoming the powers of darkness, so that the light of truth and love, justice and peace might shine in our world. As we respond to this call, we realize we are in the company of many other “reconciled sinners,” and we come to experience and live in the community of Christian discipleship, which for us is Ignatian companionship. So, Call unfolds into Collaboration.

Co-Laboring - to live and labor lovingly as the hands and feet, heads and hearts, of the risen Lord living and laboring in us, his companions on mission together in whatever work, ministry, or point in life we find ourselves.

Shared Graces is based on a retreat known as Ignatian Leadership for Mission, offered and sponsored by the East Coast Jesuits. The first Ignatian Leadership for Mission retreat was held in August of 2005 and was developed in tandem with the Year of Prayer sponsored by the Maryland Province Jesuits. Both the retreat model and the Year of Prayer program arose out of a series of Province Days programs, meetings on Ignatian leadership, and gatherings on Ignatian spirituality that date back to 1999.

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