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HomeCalendarThe Universal Christ: A Book Conversation | January 10, 2022

The Universal Christ: A Book Conversation


Monday, January 10 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Monday, January 17 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Monday, January 24 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Monday, January 31 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Monday, February 7 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

The Universal Christ: A Book Conversation

Richard Rohr in an accessible way brings together in his book, The Universal Christ, a number of emerging developments in contemporary Christian spirituality.

First is a recognition of the evolutionary nature of the universe as the way God acts, leading to a creation-centered view of life. Secondly, a renewed emphasis on the Christ present everywhere in the universe, from its scriptural roots in Wisdom literature, the letters of Paul, and the Gospel of John. Finally, Rohr presents the Christ salvation event from the “alternative orthodoxy” of the Franciscan tradition.

Be it noted, if you are a follower of Teilhard de Chardin SJ, Richard Rohr brings his thought and spirituality “to your doorstep.”

This program is for anyone seeking to expand their Christian spiritual life and integrate it with scientific developments.

Program Sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to the book, and Summary of Chapter 1

Session 2: Discussion of Chapters 2,3

Session 3: Discussion of Chapters 4,5

Session 4: Discussion of Chapters 6,7

Session 5: Discussion of Chapters 12,14,16

Mike Reiling is an adult education program leader who facilitates programs in evolutionary spirituality, journal writing, and Tai Chi. Mike also coordinates a group regularly leading Taize Prayer.


Registration Deadline is January 7, 2022


Michael Reiling, M.Ed.


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