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Retreat in Daily Life


Past Event

Sunday, March 20 7:00pm - Friday, March 25, 2022 7:00pm

Retreat in Daily Life

Are you looking to find some time for retreat during Lent, but are unable to get away? We invite you to participate in JRC’s initial virtual Retreat in Daily Life. This retreat, based on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, invites you to create time and space for prayer and reflection in the midst of all those other things that make up your daily life.

The retreat begins with an opening session on Sunday evening for all retreatants and directors to set the context for the week. Each day during the retreat (Monday – Friday) you will meet individually with an experienced spiritual director from JRC at a mutually convenient time. These sessions can take place via Zoom, Google Chat, Apple Facetime, or simply a phone call, agreed upon by you and the director. Each evening, from Monday through Thursday, there will be an optional session on an element of Ignatian prayer.

You make the retreat in the midst of your daily life and activities but in addition to your session with your retreat director, we encourage each retreatant to set aside time for prayer each day (one-to-two periods of 30 minutes each).

The retreat closes on Friday evening with a session to “gather the graces” of the experience of the week.

The retreat is suitable for those with extensive background in Ignatian spirituality and retreats and for those for whom this would be a first experience.


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