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The Full Spiritual Exercises

Thirty Day Silent Retreat

No Spots Remaining


Thursday, June 30 1:00pm - Monday, August 1, 2022 5:00pm

The Full Spiritual Exercises

This retreat is now full.

Jesuit Retreat Center offers the full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius (thirty-day silent retreat) each summer during the month of July. The Exercises can be helpful for someone making a decision – whether it is a vocational choice, a decision regarding one’s current way of life, or pertaining to a period of transition. It is also an excellent experience for anyone in a time of renewal or sabbatical, or for anyone who desires to deepen their relationship with God.

The Exercises were written by Saint Ignatius 500 years ago and were based on his own experience of profound personal transformation. With the guidance of a spiritual director, the Exercises give each retreatant the opportunity to grow into a more deeply personal relationship with Jesus.

The retreat is a significant investment of time and energy for both the retreatant and the director. A person applying to make the retreat must meet the following conditions:

  • Prior experience with silent, individually directed Ignatian retreats of five to eight days in length.
  • Daily prayer practice (around 30 minutes).
  • Open to new ways of prayer through the Spiritual Exercises.
  • Experience of spiritual direction for a year or more that demonstrates awareness of one’s prayer experience, the ability to verbalize it and the trust to share it with another.
  • Recommendations that the individual may profit at the present time from this experience from people (for example, a spiritual director or former retreat director) who understand the thirty-day Ignatian retreat as well as the capabilities of the retreatant.

The questions that appear below when you register are the application for the Exercises. Once you have completed questions below and your letter of recommendation is received, your application will be reviewed. There is a $50 application fee (which will be refunded if you are not approved for the retreat). If approved, you will be asked to submit an initial deposit of $450. Applications for the retreat are due no later than June 1, 2022. The full cost of the retreat for summer 2022 is $2800.

Those accepted for the retreat should plan on arriving at JRC on the afternoon of Thursday, June 30. July 1 will be a day of preparation for the retreat. There is an additional morning of reflection at the end of the retreat, so retreatants should plan on a late August 1 or early August 2 departure.

June 30, afternoon arrival: Orientation

July 1: Disposition Day

July 2-31: Retreat

August 1, morning: Integration Day

August 1, late afternoon/evening or August 2: Departure

Questions regarding the retreat and the application should be directed to: Fr. Paul O’Connor, SJ, Director of Ignatian Identity and Mission, or 440-884-9300 ext. 318.

The recommendation letter should be sent to Jesuit Retreat Center, 5629 State Road, Parma, OH 44134, attention Paul O’Connor, SJ. It may also be emailed.


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