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Calix AA Men's Recovery Retreat

Let Go and Let God

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Friday, December 15, 5:30pm - Sunday, December 17, 2023 11:00am

Calix AA Men's Recovery Retreat

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A Recovery Retreat at Jesuit Retreat Center is a time to nurture your serenity and find the strength to work the steps of recovery. The weekend includes presentations and 5 meals. Limited scholarship assistance is available.

CALIX Retreat Mission: Being overly preoccupied with ourselves stunts our spiritual growth, just as it limits all we do. We cannot realize our full potential when we are concentrating on our desires or fears. We cannot hear the voice of our Inner Guide when we are listening to the voice of anxiety. Our recovery can be measured by our progress in getting out of ourselves, that's why we are asked to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God. The relinquishment of self to a higher power is key to personal freedom. Our addictions are only symptoms of our underlying disease, the disease of self-centeredness. Surrendering the self automatically puts us in touch with the power of the universe-Our Creator. I ask God to relieve me of the preoccupation of self.

Weekend includes: Prayer and meditation, AA leads, small group discussions, walk the grounds, pick a pal, healing service and Sunday Mass. (The Mass is open to all attendees.) Lots of friendship, fellowship, laughter, food and snacks all while making new relationships.

Calix 2023 organizing team: George Blaha, Paul Eldridge, Mark Busch, Doug Sabin, Bill Murman, Ryan Albright, Robert Morris, Bob Schuler, Jeff Miller and Ryan Valentine.

Spiritual leader & advisor: Fr. Tim Daw

Meditation leader: Lou Rennillo

About the Jesuit Retreat Center: A Place of Peace. Welcome and open to people of all faith’s generations, and backgrounds. Jesuit Retreat Center offers and host retreats and programs for an evening, a day, weekend, 8 days and 30 days. People come from northeast Ohio, across the USA and around the world. CALIX 2023 has reserved accommodations for 65 men.


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