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Finding God in the Mess

Evening Program

This event has been cancelled

Wednesday, April 22 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Finding God in the Mess

JRC is honored to host Jim Deeds and Fr. Brendan McManus, SJ from Northern Ireland for these two events emphasizing how God is not some distant figure interested only in our 'good' side but is involved in the everyday 'mess' of our lives.

Using guided meditations, different methods of praying, music, storytelling and images of beauty, Brendan and Jim will lead participants to discover a compassionate God, especially in the tough times of sorrow, suffering, loss or grief and to invite God into the "mess" so that God can transform it. The liberating message is that God is involved in our lives all of the time. "Many feel they have to be good, saintly and have everything worked out before they come to God. People tend not to see the mess and muck of their lives as a sacred place, and yet that is the very place where the action happens.”

Their book Finding God in the Mess was released in Ireland originally, and now JRC is hosting the US launch of their book published by Loyola Press.

Fr. Brendan is a Jesuit priest who has himself struggled with tragic loss in his own family.

Jim is a husband and father who works in pastoral ministry in the Belfast diocese.

If you can't make it to the evening program, there will be a day program on Thursday, April 23.


Jim Deeds

Fr. Brendan McManus, SJ