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Sabbath Days


Friday, October 15, 5:30pm - Sunday, October 17, 11:30am

Sabbath Days

This retreat is full. See our calendar for Sabbath Days - Personal Retreat Days available each month!

Jesuit Retreat Center is offering the opportunity for a limited number of participants to spend a weekend in personal prayer and reflection. We invite you, in the midst of the hectic pace of life and the challenges of our times, to come away for a while and find rest at this “place of peace.”

This will be a non-directed retreat, allowing participants to create their own use of time and space at Jesuit Retreat Center. With beautiful chapels, a comfortable library and reading area, lounges and other small spaces, along with 57 acres of trails and woodlands, JRC provides the perfect location to renew your spirit.

While individual spiritual direction won’t be offered during this retreat, there will be liturgy on Sunday morning. Retreat begins with dinner on October 15th and ends with Mass on October 17th.

Full cost of retreat is $200. Cost includes private room and five meals.


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