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The 19th Annotation Retreat: Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

32-Week Retreat in Everyday Life


Tuesday, October 15, 4:00pm - Tuesday, June 3, 2025 5:00pm EST

The 19th Annotation Retreat: Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

Jesuit Retreat Center offers the full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola in a 32-week retreat in everyday life starting every October.

The Exercises are for anyone who feels called to this retreat to deepen their relationship with God. This experience is helpful for someone making a decision – whether it is a vocational choice, a decision regarding one’s current way of life, or pertaining to a period of transition. It is also an excellent experience for anyone in a time of renewal, sabbatical, or those seeking to be a spiritual director.

The Exercises were written by Saint Ignatius of Loyola 500 years ago and were based on his own experience of profound personal transformation. With the guidance of a retreat director, and small group experiences (prayer instruction and faith sharing) the Exercises give each retreatant the opportunity to grow more deeply in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The retreat is a significant investment of time and energy for both the retreatant and the director. A person applying to make the retreat must meet the following conditions:

  • Prior experience with individually directed Ignatian retreats of five to eight days in length.
  • Daily prayer practice (around 30-60 minutes).
  • Open to new ways of prayer through the Spiritual Exercises.
  • Experience of monthly spiritual direction for a year or more that demonstrates awareness of one’s prayer experience, the ability to verbalize it and the trust to share it with another.
  • A spiritual conversation (1-2 sixty-minute sessions) with a JRC Director.
  • A completion of selected readings in Ignatian Spirituality.
  • A recommendation that the individual may profit at the present time from this experience from people (for example, a spiritual director or former retreat director) who understand the Ignatian retreat as well as the capabilities of the retreatant.

Presented by Fr. Paul O’Connor, SJ and Our Mission & Identity Team.

Cost: $1,600

Please email Director of Ignatian Identity and Mission, Fr. Paul O’Connor, SJ, for questions and details:

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