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August 2013

Posted August 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friend of Jesuit Retreat House:

What do you seek for happiness? A big home? A recognized career? A fabulous salary?

What is the ‘drive’ or ‘passion’ in your life? What has grabbed you and absorbed you? What do you think about when you are alone? What consumes your energy, your creativity, your relationships with others?

Or, perhaps, your relationship with God? Even more challenging: Is God part of this driven, tireless, motion-filled life that controls you?

When we give time to our soul, our spirit, we invite these furies of our competitive lives to be confronted and challenged, to disappear and in their place we welcome peace, generosity, open mindedness, and love. Yes, the love of a God who has been waiting so patiently to come in. St. Ignatius Loyola had a term for this openness to God: the Spiritual Exercises. We might refer to it as ‘retreat’. In the Book of Revelations, there is a warming and devotional image of Our Lord knocking on a door in the passage which says: “Here I stand, knocking at the door. If anyone hears me calling and opens the door, I will enter his house and have supper with him and he with me.” Rev. 3: 20.

The image has been captured by artists for centuries; no doubt you have seen a popular rendition on many a holy card over the years. I invite you to conjure up that image and ask yourself, ‘What have I let choose me? What can I choose to replace it so that I am the person God has created me to be? ‘ When I come close to answering these questions, I will be closer to holiness.

So I invite you to come to the JRH. Make a weekend retreat. Or, start with a day retreat or an evening talk. Put your fear aside. Open the door on which He is knocking and let Him in during your quiet time here. Choose Him. Your life will never be the same because you will be letting His love drive your life, and the seductive attractions of secularism will no longer ‘choose’ you.

In Christ’s love,

Sr. Mary Ann Flannery, S.C.

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