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February 2015

Posted February 01, 2015 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director

Prayer and action are entwined aspects of our call to mission. Action discerned out of our prayer defines our unique role in Christ’s mission. Dr. Gerald May challenges us (See essay page 2) to be heedful of lurking willfulness as we live into a call to radical dependence on God’s guidance as we minister. Our call to serve Christ’s mission continues this month in these ministries:

Praying with St. Ignatius Retreats. 29 retreatants from St. Barnabas Parish (Northfield) will conclude this 8-week winter retreat this coming month. The team consists of Joan Carney and Deborah Zawislan (co-leaders) and Pat Dubiel, Peggy Duffy, osu, Jan Leitch, Dottie, Rieman and Karen Zeleznik (Table Companions). Beginning this month, the retreat will be offered to the people of Forest Hill Church (Presbyterian, USA). Re-named “Living in the Spirit,” the retreat has been adapted for this ecumenical setting. Team members consist of: Kathy Haag (retreat leader) and Margaret Balewski, Paul Barbins, Mary Downey, Claudette Matero and Liz Nau. Eric Muller-Girard, a Forest Hill member and also an Ignatian Spirituality Institute graduate will be our retreat liaison, facilitating communication between Forest Hill Church and Jesuit Retreat House leadership.

Nurturing the Call: Leading Contemplative Group Programs and Retreats. Joan Nuth, Ignatian Spirituality Institute Director and Martha Campbell, JRH Lay Leadership Programs Director, began this completely revised program with a retreat day, “Silence – Our Homeland,” held on Sunday, January 25th . 8 participants who are graduates of the Ignatian Spirituality Institute are participating in this 10-part program. The program prepares individuals to lead Ignatian Contemplative Group Retreats.

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