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2011-2012 Annual Report

Posted January 01, 2012 in Press Releases

Into my second year as Board Chair of the Jesuit Retreat House (JRH), I continue to believe that JRH is a strategic Catholic asset, and I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and remain inspired by St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, to be a soldier of Christ.

Just as St. Ignatius mapped out a path to God on his personal faith journey, the JRH board and staff developed a Roadmap for the future of JRH designed to ensure that we continue to provide roadmaps to others who seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. JRH is a sacred place where retreatants can find a quiet place for discernment that serves to ignite spiritual hearts preparing attendees to resume life in our secular world where God continues to be deemphasized.

We continue to invest in our wonderful staff, facility and grounds. Our transition from the days when the house was managed by Jesuits to one of lay leadership is challenging financially, but the staff and Board are confident that our roadmap and providence will lead us to carry out our extraordinary mission. Thank you to all who have donated time and talent to our house.

Thank you to all who have shared treasure. We will continue to manage our operation efficiently with the goal of effectively utilizing this wonderful strategic asset, the oldest retreat house in the country. If able, please continue to support our wonderful mission. In a day and time where many forces and platforms are striving to remove God from society, JRH is there, to provide a roadmap for those to come to know Jesus Christ.

~Brian Dean, Chair

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