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January 2021 Newsletter

Posted January 01, 2021 in Articles

Dear Friends of Jesuit Retreat Center, It is hard to find the words to describe a year of so much shared struggle and change as well as care and connection across our country and our world. We pray that given all that we have seen and heard, we will emerge in 2021 with a deeper awareness of our shared humanity and all that needs our care and compassion... read more

October 2020 Newsletter and 2019-2020 Donors

Posted October 09, 2020 in Articles

Dear Friends of Jesuit Retreat Center, In this season of autumn, we encounter a change in creation that embodies both loss and inspiration, a striking reflection of the complexities happening in our world in this time.... read more

Rekindling the Fire

Posted September 11, 2020 in Articles

We are deeply grateful to you and our inspiring speakers, Fr. Tim Kesicki, SJ and Chris Lowney for our time together on Friday evening, September 11, 2020, for Rekindling the Fire! Please continue to share... read more

COVID-19 Policies, Procedures and Protocols

Posted July 01, 2020 in Articles

COVID-19 Policies, Procedures and Protocols as of July 1, 2020 As a Place of Peace, Jesuit Retreat Center seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees, volunteers, visitors, and guests. This document outlines many... read more

June 2020

Posted June 05, 2020 in Articles

Dear Friends of Jesuit Retreat Center, We reach out to you with our prayers and care as together we seek to find the way forward in a year that none of us could have... read more

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