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January 2013

Posted January 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friends: Many years ago a wise, legendary Jesuit, who happened to be my spiritual director, chafed at my admission that I lacked the time for contemplation. “And my dear sister,” he seriously but quietly said as his stern blue eyes peered over the rim of his spectacles, “just how will you recognize that gallant Lover of yours who keeps chasing after you begging for time?” It is so true for all of us, isn’t it? We hang everything on time or the lack thereof. Can’t visit a sick person this week or finish reading that book, or attend a family member’s performance... read more

December 2012

Posted December 01, 2012 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director As we begin a new liturgical year, we are challenged to take up our baptismal call to be prophets of the Messiah: to straighten the crooked roads of our lives, to... read more

October 2012

Posted October 01, 2012 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director In essence, our ministry is a ministry of listening … to God, to self, to one another, to all God’s People. Here is where our ministry of listening has and will... read more

September 2012

Posted September 01, 2012 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director With the coming of fall, we begin another ministry year. We take as our inspiration Ignatius Loyola, the “Imperfect Pilgrim,” who challenges us to radical trust in Christ whose mission we... read more

2011-2012 Annual Report

Posted January 01, 2012 in Press Releases

Into my second year as Board Chair of the Jesuit Retreat House (JRH), I continue to believe that JRH is a strategic Catholic asset, and I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and remain... read more

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