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May 2013

Posted May 01, 2013 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director As our program year winds down, we reflect back on what has been as we plan for what will be … all in the grace given us by the Spirit of Christ who empowers us for mission. Praying with St. Ignatius Retreats. Our retreat at St. Basil the Great Parish concluded this past month. On the concluding night of the retreat, the Leadership Team paused in thankfulness and fellowship. Pictured above are Retreat Team Members (left to right): Carl Toomey, Deborah Zawislan, Joan Carney, Dottie Rieman, Laura Kuhn, Margaret Balewski, Sr. Mary An Burke, Rich Jerdonek and Sr.... read more

April 2013

Posted April 01, 2013 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director Resurrection is a faith reality … and the signs are all about us as spring emerges from the winter thaw. Our program year concludes with the new life of programs being... read more

March 2013

Posted March 01, 2013 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director Yes! Spring arrives this month and with it a shift from winter incubation to spring re-birth. This winter-to-spring transition mirrors the hope for spiritual awakening expressed in our Lenten observance. The... read more

January 2013

Posted January 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friends: Many years ago a wise, legendary Jesuit, who happened to be my spiritual director, chafed at my admission that I lacked the time for contemplation. “And my dear sister,” he seriously but quietly said as... read more

December 2012

Posted December 01, 2012 in Lay Leadership

A Word from the Director As we begin a new liturgical year, we are challenged to take up our baptismal call to be prophets of the Messiah: to straighten the crooked roads of our lives, to... read more

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