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January 2014

Posted January 01, 2014 in Press Releases

Dear Friends: Here at the Retreat House we are seriously implementing the concept of ‘journey’ or ‘pilgrimage’, something that Pope Francis has mentioned frequently in his talks. As a Jesuit, he is familiar with the journey St. Ignatius took from Spain to Rome in an effort to discern God’s will for him in his newly energized faith. We are each called to make such a journey even if we are comfortable in our faith. You might say that consciously or not, you are making a journey; after all, you are living and breathing, working and playing. So, you are journeying. You think.... read more

August 2013

Posted August 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friend of Jesuit Retreat House: What do you seek for happiness? A big home? A recognized career? A fabulous salary? What is the ‘drive’ or ‘passion’ in your life? What has grabbed you and absorbed you?... read more

May 2013

Posted May 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friend of JRH, At a the closing of a recent retreat group, I reminded the retreatants that God peels away layer-by-layer of our guilt and our burdens to tease forth, or bring to surface, the... read more

January 2013

Posted January 01, 2013 in Press Releases

Dear Friends: Many years ago a wise, legendary Jesuit, who happened to be my spiritual director, chafed at my admission that I lacked the time for contemplation. “And my dear sister,” he seriously but quietly said as... read more

2011-2012 Annual Report

Posted January 01, 2012 in Press Releases

Into my second year as Board Chair of the Jesuit Retreat House (JRH), I continue to believe that JRH is a strategic Catholic asset, and I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and remain... read more

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